Each piece of this collection will give you such an intense energy that it will make you feel in Union with Mother Earth, with the colors, the animals, the flowers, the trees, the water of the lakes, the rivers, the sea, the puddles, with the fish, with the clouds, with the sun that warms your skin and dries the clay ….
A portion of the money from this collection will be spent in favor of the Earth, for flowers, for butterflies and bees with their bumblebee friends, for maintaining a wild pond with its frogs, salamanders and fish, for feeding wild animals. of the forest and many other things that will make the Earth happy …. By buying something from this collection you will also contribute to this project to take care of nature!

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    Ashtray in ceramic and glass with AUM simbol

    made on wheel amnd hand painted from triziapic.collection ,
    H cm.9 Ø cm.2 about

    This creation belongs to the collection TRIZIAPIC.COLLECTION with the heart engraved on the bottom to trasmit the message of the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE…
    Vibrational Ceramic to feel Good!

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    ashtray, made on wheel, painted from Triziapic.collection, with free lead colors, you can wash it in the dishwasher with a gentle washing.inspired from a sacred space and meditation. The measure could be different ,because every piece is unique. if it is not available you can order another one, but you have to know that it will be different for the shape and the measure ,it will never be the same of that one you can see at the photo and also you have to accept to wait without hurry, because this kind of piece are created from a Sacred Space where my Will to realize it ,doesn’t exist, as you, me too ,I have to accept that the piece you want ,will be created through me to express the harmony it will transmit to you….The shipping. it will leave in a week if the piece is already available when you want to buy it.

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    Weight 0.450 kg
    Dimensions 9.5 × 9 × 2 cm

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