Each piece of this collection will give you such an intense energy that it will make you feel in Union with Mother Earth, with the colors, the animals, the flowers, the trees, the water of the lakes, the rivers, the sea, the puddles, with the fish, with the clouds, with the sun that warms your skin and dries the clay ….
A portion of the money from this collection will be spent in favor of the Earth, for flowers, for butterflies and bees with their bumblebee friends, for maintaining a wild pond with its frogs, salamanders and fish, for feeding wild animals. of the forest and many other things that will make the Earth happy …. By buying something from this collection you will also contribute to this project to take care of nature!

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    The tree of peace

    The Tree of Peace

    it is the magical, wild and romantic place we live in ... it is completely immersed in the woods full of wild animals, flowers, plants and water sources, rarity of which we are more than aware !!

    It is a very good, light water that brings life to us and to all wild beings, even on the hottest day of the year you can drink water so cool that it tarnishes your glass … it is a peaceful and peaceful place as well as impetuous and frightening when there they are the storms of water and wind… ..you feel the water of the stream flowing in the gorge between the valley and it makes all the mist rise, filling the air with negative ions so beneficial for our health…. when you see the trees bend in the wind that seem ready to take flight together with their leaves…. and majestic are the centuries-old oaks and holm oaks that have seen so many and continue to remain witnesses of what is happening, taking part in it but not that much….

    The blooming buddleja attract all kinds of butterflies, in June the fireflies sprinkle the night with many little magical lights, they look like fairy beings and the bees are happy here because there are no poisons that damage them and they always find some flowers to forage in all seasons … it is a place that has remained intact where wild nature has taken over and we have allowed it without imposing on us, because we like to mix with our habitat and not own it and plagiarize it according to our will and in all this nature thanks us, because we have a garden that has found its balance without having to use any kind of substance … here beneficial insects proliferate and help our garden to be healthy, luxuriant and happy, giving us vegetables full of vitality….

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