Each piece of this collection will give you such an intense energy that it will make you feel in Union with Mother Earth, with the colors, the animals, the flowers, the trees, the water of the lakes, the rivers, the sea, the puddles, with the fish, with the clouds, with the sun that warms your skin and dries the clay ….
A portion of the money from this collection will be spent in favor of the Earth, for flowers, for butterflies and bees with their bumblebee friends, for maintaining a wild pond with its frogs, salamanders and fish, for feeding wild animals. of the forest and many other things that will make the Earth happy …. By buying something from this collection you will also contribute to this project to take care of nature!

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    Trizia & Luka

    & Luka

    Welcome to our creative home

    Hand crafted and hand painted ceramic

    TriziaPic Collection Ceramica fatta a mano


    My story

    I started painting ceramics since 1997, using very bright and contrasting colors with a very intense energetic result. I am a Naturopath, with a master on eating disorders, specialized in natural nutrition, Reiki Master, chromotherapist, etc … I have deepened the studies of colors in their profound meaning on a therapeutic and spiritual level. For over 30 years I have become a vegetarian, I have begun to take courses in meditation, channeling, Reiki, crystal therapy and many other various disciplines, following the path of Advaita, which has led me to a total 360-degree change in the perception of the meaning of life, a change that then completely transformed the way I create my ceramic pieces. This evolution has moved into the pieces of TRIZIAPIC. COLLECTION, these pieces are created on the wheel with very rough and grainy clay that contrasts with the piece which is instead very subtle and with romantic features, all inspired by a space of “No Mind”. Only from that sacred space,  these objects can be created, to which all this energy is transferred which will continue to vibrate with that frequency for the entire life span of that object. Who buys these objects, perceives this energy that spreads, simply left exposed or even better, using them to drink or eat.Under each object, I engrave a heart in the clay 💓, to introduce the energy of unconditional love into the liquid or in the food that is contained in the object, so that by drinking or eating, this energy is transmitted to our whole being … to deepen this process, you can see the studies of the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto, who demonstrates how a symbol, a music, can influence the water, changing its structure (information on the internet or in his books with wonderful photos). So to conclude, the TRIZIAPIC.COLLECTION pieces bring a message of unconditional love to anyone who wants to use it simply by keeping them at home. I can’t explain TRIZIAPIC’s special pieces better than this. COLLECTION, because they cannot be explained … .. Who has them at home, knows very well … ..I am just the medium, the tool through which these objects are created, sometimes inspired by the nature that surrounds me that speaks just a Divine language. I engage in spiritual pursuit through the practice of yoga sadhana and teachings passed on by various enlightened masters to evolve as a being on this planet with humility, devotion and gratitude. AUM.


    My story

    Luka shop online ceramica fatta a mano

    I have been painting ceramics since 1998, before ceramics I painted pictures with various techniques, especially oil … mixing the colors of the tubes with my hands, brushes or spatulas, directly on the canvas, prepared with sea sand and other materials … then when I have I started painting ceramics, at first I couldn’t stop, I would have been painting all day … I enjoyed experimenting with various techniques, which every other classic ceramist would put his hands in his hair … my personal technique, which signs my ceramic on its own… in fact, as soon as my clients see one of my objects, they immediately recognize it is painted by me…. In addition to painting ceramics, I take care of many animals, those of the house, which are not few … .. and wild animals of all species starting from the birds that come to eat in the garden, the hedgehogs that bring me associations volunteers, I take care of them until they are able to be let loose … most of them always stay around and in the evening they come to eat the food I put at their disposal, some of them even spend a part of the hibernation in the house and I do not feel certain to throw them out, on the contrary I welcome them gladly and I like to have this special relationship with them … then the badger, the porcupine, the fox come to eat a bowl of baby food every evening that I put them outside the door of the house and they are observed while they eat without fear… all this feeds my spirit and makes me feel good and useful in doing something for the creatures of the forest that can count on us when they need it…. naturalme nt all this takes a lot of time, energy and money … in fact we hope that our website will be successful in sales so that we can continue to take care of these wild and very special beings to whom we dedicate a large chunk of our income … I live in the woods and this so quiet and wild environment helps me to find the inspiration that frees itself from this serene state of mind … I am a Reiki and karuna Reiki master, I practice yoga and meditation and I transmit all this in my painting, completely freeing the mind, while I paint I no longer think of anything and I am completely immersed in colors and painting …

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